Warrior 100 watt

100-watt-whiteThe Apache Warrior 100 watt head is made for the guitarist who needs to be heard and felt on a larger stage platform and when playing next to a loud drummer! Custom wound transformers are used to produce a classic sound that is full, rich, and warm… yet still aggressive and powerful beneath it all. With the boost engaged this amp soars and wails with rich harmonic content. High and low inputs with a master volume control for a wide range of musical styles.

Features: High and Low inputs. Controls: Gain, Master Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass, and Presence. Footswitch for harmonic gain boost. Custom wound Merren Audio transformers for the best tones possible. Non-magnetic aluminum chassis, high quality Mil-Spec components, Teflon coated wire. Hand built one at a time with attention to quality and reliability.


Power tube types: 4 X EL34, KT90, KT77, 6L6GC
Pre-amp tube types: 12AX7/ECC83, CV4004
Phase inverter types: 12AX7/ECC83, CV4024
Rectifier type: Solid state
Output: 100+ watts
Impedance: 4/8/16 ohms
100 Watt Warrior Head: $2500.00
1×12 Speaker Cabinet: $550.00

Hardwood Birch speaker cabinet loaded with choice of:
Scumback M75 or M55, or Celestion Creamback G12M or G12H.
Dimensions: 22″ W x 17″ H x 11″ D