About Apache Amps

First wolverineApache Amps was founded on the principle that if you create something for music, it needs to be built with great music in mind as the ultimate intention.

Using the most musical sounding components and carefully balancing each section of the amplifier to respond to the musician’s touch and emotion is my goal for every amplifier built. If it doesn’t breathe and come to life with music, then it is only an inanimate object that will not leave my workbench.

I’ve been playing music for 43 + years and I understand what many serious musicians are looking for: that musical, magical instrument that instantly feels just right in your hands and spirit.

The amplifier is an instrument, just as much as the instrument that is being played through it.

The amplifier is an art form, just as much as the music itself.

An amplifier should do exactly as its name implies; it amplifies the sound of the musical instrument so that all can hear the pure organic sound with no enhancements or “tricks”

Each and every tone and harmonic of the instrument should be heard and felt through the amplifier.

When the amplifier is turned up past the point of clean power and is “clipping” it must remain musical and only improve to “magical” becoming an extension of the artist’s soul.

Every Apache Amp is handcrafted, hand built and hand wired not only for beautiful looks, but for beautiful music as well!